Tender Writing Made Easy


You’ve all seen the textbooks which claim that they can walk you through the complexities of a challenging topic with ease. Now I would agree that there are right ways and wrong ways of learning but one of the things that I am certain of is that learning takes time. This is because learning requires rest whilst the brain absorbs the knowledge that has been acquired. This is why some of histories most famous thinkers are known for having great ideas whilst out in the wilderness. This is partly due to the fact that we learn new things in new environments but also due to the assimilation that takes place when we are no longer directly thinking about a given topic or when we are “taking time out from learning”. So this is learning pretty much in a nutshell but what about learning Tender Writing? Well, I am certain that no topic of any real depth can be learned in just a day and Tender Writing is no exception. I do know that the textbooks which claim 24 hour learning and pretty good on the whole but most, if not all, of these books rely on an intensive one hour session followed by a period of rest whilst the newly acquired knowledge “sinks in”. There may also be practical sessions which don’t tend to fall into these one hour sessions or, indeed, the whole of the “day’s” learning.If you think about how college and universities manage their lessons you will notice that they arrange their schedules of learning in a similar fashion. The concepts do have certain similarities such as lesson then practical work or lesson involving team work. The learning is mixed up and the sessions are bite sized. In contrast to this certain training sessions take place over five solid days, all day every day. These types of training courses may be valuable for busy people who like to fit the training into one full week or those who need the knowledge quickly because the course if timely and critical to their job but they may not be for everyone and where is the time in between sessions to aid the learning and commit the new information to memory? I am not arguing that either method of the delivery of learning is better but each have their pros and cons. The ultimate decision must be down to the learner’s individual requirements. With regards to Tender Writing, this is a skill that does take time and many years to perfect. There is continued learning and lots of training that is required by trainers, educators and other professionals in the field. This is the key to learning “in the field” – the practical application of what we learn is what defines our experience and Tender Writing is no exception to this rule of thumb.So can Tender Writing be made easy? Well, it isn’t easy. It might seem easy for those who have had the years of training and experience to develop the skills that are required to write winning Tenders but it certainly is not easy for those who are just starting out as Tender Writers. What is true though, and this can be applied to the learning of any new skillset, is that there is a right way and wrong way of learning so if you want to write Tenders then you must learn not only from the best Tender Writers but also from those can are able to teach you. Not all practitioners can teach but the two are not mutually exclusive either so you may find a practitioner who can teach. If you do then you’ve struck gold – learn from them and then go on and be the best yourself too!


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